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covid-19/coronavirus safety measures


Bales Cleaning and  Restoration continues to help home & business owners when they need it the most. No one ever plans to have their home/business damaged by water, mold, fire, or a storm. However, when they do have a loss they call  a local team that they trust in their home/business to be the solution for them and receive the help that they need.

In order to ensure maximum safety from Covid-19, we’ve instructed our employees to follow the  CDC  guidelines designed to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

This includes: 

Wearing protective equipment such as masks and gloves

Eliminating physical contact, including handshakes

Following social distancing recommendations as much as possible 

Washing hands thoroughly and often

Using hand sanitizer

We’ll honor requests from customers seeking to maintain a safe distance from our workers

Any employee feeling potential signs of the Covid-19 virus, or the coronavirus,  will stay home and seek a professional medical evaluation