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different types of water damage

 Clean Water is the first category of water that can cause damage to your home. Clean water comes from a source that is—unsurprisingly—clean, like a sink or bathtub overflow, broken water line, or appliance malfunction. Clean water sources usually do not contain any contaminants, but be careful—what starts out as category 1 damage could easily become a higher category if it’s not taken care of as quickly as possible. 

Gray Water comes from a source that may contain contaminants. Common sources of gray water include rainfall, dishwasher,  washing machines, or toilet overflows. When left untreated, a gray water situation could quickly become more dangerous. 


Black Water is considered the most dangerous category that could damage your home. Black water includes sewage, flood waters from rivers or streams, or ground water. Black water is a serious health risk to anyone who comes in contact with it unprotected.  Anything that is contaminated by black water is unusable and will have to be thrown away. 

Some types of water damage are more dangerous than others

 Some types of water damage are more dangerous than others.